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How it works
All that you have to do is to register yourself
and run!
Choose a distance of 5-10-21,1-42,2 km.
Register yourself on 1-2-3 or all 4 distances.
Get insturctions by email and join our private group on Fасеbook.
Run in your city and your country, on the street or in the forest. As many times as you want. The attempts are unlimited - while the challenge lasts.
Download results
You can send us all your trainings or pick up the best one yourself. There is only one result which goes into the final ranking - the fastest one.
Get a medal and a t-shirt
There are no losers in our challenges. T-shirts and medals will be sent to all participants who booked packages Finisher's Medal or Finisher's T-shirt - despite on a final ranking and personal results.
Fantastic prizes
We love sport and this victory feeling. And it's so annoying not to be fast enough and to become the 4th or the 5th... That's why we will have many winners! Prizes for the ranking from 1 to V, separately for men and women, on all 4 distances. Yeah, we'll have 40 winners in total! :)
A lucky draw
A lucky draw with additional prizes. Live.
Follow our news, we will obligatory send a link to watch and participate.
1001 challenge
An ambitious creative project that combines two spheres of life and business: sports and travel. Our mission is
- promotion of sports, active lifestyle and positive thinking,
- support of the tourism industry, development and promotion of sports tourism,
- organisation of trips to participate in international sports competitions,
- creation of a platform for communication with like-minded people.

We are convinced that each of us is capable of much more than we think. That you can achieve any results with a positive attitude and unconditional faith in success. That with any data you can run or pass a marathon. And that it's never too late to start changing your life. Every day is a victory over yesterday's self. Only forward and only up! Live bright! All sports!
A guaranteed money prize of 1001 EURO for EACH participant who reaches the level of 1001 points

Attractive prizes at the end of each challenge: nights in luxury hotels, dinners, shows, transfers etc.
A lucky draw for all participants (prizes
with accommodation, t-shirts and discounts)
Ideal challenges of the travel set "Golden collection of trips"
200+ participants
Take part, get points and win
* Registration on several distances increases your chances to get a prize. And maybe not the only one!

Will be put on a lucky draw
5 prizes
In each challenge for the ranking from I to V, for men and women, on each of four distances
40 prizes
Have already confirmed their participation in challenges as sponsors
more than 80 hotels
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions, please write at our email:
What does "a challenge" mean?
Challenge is a virtual competition on a current sport discipline with several key criteria: distances, terms etc. The participant completes a chosen distance /distances on his own, in his / her city and country, in any place, any day and time – while the challenge lasts. A competition atmosphere is provided by other participants on the platform performing in the same challenge. Participants with the fastest results become winners and receive prizes for their achievements – not virtual but real J
How long does a challenge last?
One challenge usually lasts 2 months, there are also one month challenges. The exact dates of the challenge are published on our websites &, appear in all our newsletters dedicated to this current challenge and are published in our accounts in social media. The closure time is 23:59:59.
Which challenges are there on the platform?
There are several types of challenges on the platform.
1001 challenge is the main cumulative challenge. EACH participant who reaches 1001 points due to his / her achievements on the platform has the right on the main prize of 1001 EUR.

- Regular challenges on various distances in several sport disciplines
Running distances are 5-10-21.1-42.2 km.
Velo distances are 15-30-60-100 km.
There are 1 to 5 place winners on each distance chosen separately among men and women in regular challenges.

- Cumulative challenges
There are summed up kms which go into account, distances vary from 300 to 500 or 1001 km. The challenge starts from the moment of his announcement and last till its closure. All previous trainings and kms don't go into consideration. There are 1 to 5 place winners chosen separately among men and women in cumulative challenges.

- Offline events
We are planning to organise offline events in different countries and cities: Russian billiard or American pool competitions, bowling events, small running events «for neighbours and friends». The information about these special events will appear on our website additionally.

- Sport trips
We are planning to organise trips to different events worldwide: city marathons, mountain trails, bike and VTT competitions etc. The information about these special events will also appear on our website additionally.

If you are planning to take part in any event worldwide – drop us an email at Probably, we can gather a small group to join this current event 😀 Why not to get group discounts on accommodation, registration slots etc.
When does the challenge end?
The exact dates of the challenge are published in our events calendar and appear in all our newsletters dedicated to this current challenge. The closure time is 23:59:59. Any trainings completed after the time cutoff do not go into consideration.
How can I download my data onto the platform?
We created 1001 challenge Mobile App which is on a long moderation mode in Apple Store & Google Play. As soon as it is released – the direct download into the ranking lists will be possible due to direct connectivity with Strava tracker. While this is unavailable – all results are subject of manual moderation by our Support Team. Please send your data at You will receive a confirmation email saying that your data is accepted and then you will wait till the challenge's closure and ranking lists publication.
What will happen if I do not download or do not send my result?
Your training process in on you 😀 No result registered = no points added, no prizes and no lottery upon the end of this current challenge. The registration fee is non-refundable and cannot be used again or postponed.
Will I get my registration points if I've subscribed for a challenge but didn't send or download any workouts?
Registration points are added only if the challenge is completed, that means when the workout fact is confirmed and result is downloaded into a ranking list.
Will I get my t-shirt and medal if I'm registered in a challenge but didn't send or download any workout?
T-shirts and medals will be sent to all participants who booked and paid the options with t-shirts and medals included (Finisher's Medal, Finisher's Pack, Ultimate Pack etc.) – despite on the final ranking or even the fact of trainings. In such a case registration points will not be added. Points are added only if the challenge is completed.
What happens to the points received in past challenges if I don't complete the current challenge?
Your training process in on you 😀 If - by any reason - you were not able to do any training or download your result – your points are kept on your account anyway, they won't burn out and won't go to zero. All previous challenges points along with the main ranking points are displayed into the Ranking list Tab on website.
How the result is calculated if my training distance is longer as the distance I'm registered in?
Any training can be downloaded into the platform if its length is longer than the chosen distance. For example, 12 km training can be downloaded into 5 km or 10 km. But only once! It is not permitted to download the same trainings again.Points are count on a special algorithm. The system takes your distance and your overall time as 100% and counts how much time it takes to complete the distance you are registered in.
How the result is calculated if my training distance is shorter than a chosen distance?
Any training which distance is shorter than a chosen one, don't get into consideration. For example, if you ran 4,8 km and wish to download your result into a 5km distance – it won't be possible. Just run this distance one more time and pay attention to the last meters.
Can I download my training if it was completed before my registration for a challenge?
Only those trainings that were completed AFTER your registration for a challenge are put into account. Any earlier training is not accepted. Just complete your chosen distance one more time while challenge lasts!
How can I count my best time? Which training goes to the final ranking?
You don't need to count anything – just download your data into your account on the platform or send your scree-shots at The best result will be chosen automatically. The best training with the fastest parameters goes to the challenge protocol.
How to get points on the platform ?
1001 challenge points are added to the participant's account for different actions and achievements, from the registration on the platform / on the challenge to the top positions in the ranking lists.

20 – welcome points for the registration on the platform
20 – welcome points for Mobile App download
3 – points for registration on the challenge

25 - 1 place
20 - 2 place
15 - 3 place
10 - 4 place
7 - 5 place
3 - 6 to 10 place

15 – offline event points
25 – tour points
How can I get 1001 points and receive 1001 EUR?
1001 challenge is the main cumulative challenge on the platform. EACH participant who reaches 1001 points has the right on the main prize of 1001 EUR. It doesn't matter how one does reach 1001 points: you can participate in each challenge, win (the higher position the higher the scores), take part in offline events and travel sessions. Victories on several distances and in different sport disciplines are summed up which permits to collect points faster.
What can I get on the One Try package?
One Try grants registration points, final ranking points and also participation in a lottery upon the end of the challenge. One Try does not permit to get prizes at the end of the challenge.
Will I get my 1001 EUR if I participate on One Try only?
EACH participant who reaches 1001 points has the right on the main prize of 1001 EUR. It doesn't matter how one does reach 1001 points, it is possible by monotonous and regular participation in each challenge. Take into consideration though that One Try permits one attempt on one chosen distance only so the winning opportunities are limited and the idea of collecting participation points will lead into a looooong story.
Can I switch to other packages if I took part in One Try and collected my points? Will I keep my previous points safe on my account?
Yes, you can test One Try opportunities and turn to other packages any time, to be able to get rewards granted for 1-2-3-4-5 places in each challenge.The previous points are conserved on your account and packages with several distances and disciplines allow to collect points faster and to reach 1001 EUR prize quicker J
Can I subscribe for 1 distance, add another one on One Try package and get more points this way?
One Try is an entry package invented exclusively for one attempt. You can upgrade your registration to other packages but you cannot add One Try in addition to other packages. If you want to compete on several distances choose a package corresponding to this target.
How will I get my 1001 EUR?
EACH participant who reaches 1001 points has the right on the main prize of 1001 EUR. Upon this level is reached our team will contact you to get your bank details.
What are challenge prizes / lottery prizes ?
The prizes in a challenge or a lottery are:
- complimentary hotel nights;
- different services: transfers, show admissions etc;-
sport competitions slots;
- t-shirts and medals;
- gift vouchers;-
50% and 100% discounts on next challenges.

Prizes are announced when a new challenge is declared in newsletter and social media and are also published on the website in the Prizes Tab.

Similar prizes are given on a lottery, there are usually 5 prizes in each lucky draw after the challenge ends.
How do I get a prize based on the results of the challenge / lottery?
After the end of the challenge / lottery
- winners receive a notification of their winnings from our support service;
- we specify the delivery address (if the prize is subject to delivery)
and/or other parameters (for example, the size of the T-shirt).
- in the case of nights won or other services that cannot be used immediately, further discussion takes place individually in each case.

Nights in hotels are subject to additional coordination with suppliers in relation to your dates. The nights are designed for a maximum of 2 people, so you can go solo or accompanied by a friend / relative. As soon as you choose the desired travel dates, write to us at to confirm your trip.
How can I use 50% or 100% discount on the next challenge?
Discounts apply to the next challenge, on one distance package First step. The participant receives a notification about a discount won, along with a promo code that must be activated within 5 days while registering for the next challenge. If there is no registration during this period, you will need to write at our support address to get a new code.
I cannot go on a trip/use a voucher. Can I receive any money compensation or an alternative prize?
The prizes – hotel nights will be valid for 2 years after winning and you can use them at any time. No monetary compensation is paid, no replacement prizes are provided.
The information about prizes does not include any hotel name. Does this mean that the hotel can be any?
We do not indicate hotel names for an alternative replacement in case a particular hotel is unable to host you within the dates chosen. The prize will be given for as many nights and in that category as indicated in the prize table. The specific hotel will be confirmed with you during the discussion of the trip, and full information on the room and other included services will be provided additionally.
If I want to go for more days or take another companion/child with me, is it possible?
Hotel nights consider 2 people, you can go solo or accompanied by a friend / relative. Also, our team consists of travel industry professionals. We will be happy to work on the best options for your trip with extensions or any additional services, as well as supplements for additional guests. As soon as you know the desired dates and other parameters of your trip, write to us at for further confirmation.
Who can get a lottery prize?
Upon the completion of each challenge a lucky draw takes place. The prizes are discounts on next challenges, t-shirts, complimentary hotel nights, different vouchers etc. The prizes are distributed only among those participants who completed this challenge and whose results are registered in the final ranking.
Where can I see the challenge results / lottery results?
The challenge results are published on the website in the Ranking Tab. There are also all previous challenges results in the same Tab. The link to the report video including a lucky draw is sent to all participants of the platform, we also publish this information in our accounts in social media. Challenge winners get e-letters with diplomas. Challenge winners and lottery winners get e-letters announcing their prizes and we discuss the variations of delivery further on.
How can I choose my correct t-shirt size?
All sizes are in the spreadsheet on Our items are of high standards, the possible difference is +/-2 см. Pay attention while ordering your t-shirt and measure yourself to avoid any mistakes.
When will I get my t-shirt and medal?
If we have a chosen t-shirt and medal on stock – they are sent within 3 days upon the order. The delivery is organised through National Russian Post. You will receive a tracking number and will be able to control your purchases' status on National Russian Post website or in Mobile App.
If t-shirts and medals are in progress we will inform you about their status additionally. After their arrival to the stock a delivery will be organised, according to the scheme above.
I made a mistake with a t-shirt size, what shall I do ?
Write to us at If we have a t-shirt of your size available we will get the first t-shirt back and will send you a new one. Delivery costs are on you.
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